A red and yellow game at funland with families.

Since 1962, Funland has captured the hearts of anyone that enters. You are hit with a blast of nostalgia that takes you back to being a kid. Speaking of kids, they’ll love it. With tons of rides and games, you can spend hours together as a family having…fun (no pun intended).

Haunted Mansion – Tucked in a corner of Funland, right off the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, sits The Haunted Mansion. It’s a classic haunted house attraction with suspended cars. A must-do attraction for the whole family if you visit Rehoboth Beach.
SuperFlip 360 – A new ride at Funland in Rehoboth Beach has all the fun and thrills of its predecessor with one big “twist”. Hold on while the new SuperFlip swings you 360 degrees! Ever wonder what Funland looks like upside down? You will get a front row seat to experience Funland in a way no other ride has allowed before.


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